Danny's Pawn Shop has the Best Selection of Firearms in Virginia

Come to Christiansburg, VA for a Wide Variety

At Danny’s Pawn Shop, we buy many different types firearms and they can also be used as collateral for a loan. We also sell and trade a wide variety of firearms and archery equipment. When you visit Danny’s Pawn Shop you can expect to get the right firearm for a reasonable price. If you are selling a firearm, you can be sure it will be well taken care of and kept in great condition. Whether you are buying a firearm for recreation, self-defense, or for adding to your collection, you can be sure to leave our shop happy with your purchase.

Danny's Pawn Shop has Reasonable Prices for Firearms in Christiansburg

Danny’s Pawn Shop can trade, sell your firearms or use it as collateral for a loan. Our pawnbrokers will gladly work with you for whatever reason you decide to sell your firearms and other related accessories. Danny’s Pawn Shop’s staff is knowledgeable about firearms and can expertly appraise your items. We will offer you the best rate possible for your firearms base on the condition and retail value. You can be confident that your firearms and accessories will be well taken care of at Danny’s Pawn Shop. Firearms are a popular item at Danny’s Pawn Shop and sell fast. Stop by our store to browse our inventory of firearms at reasonable prices you cannot find in other retail stores in Christiansburg.

Why Choose Danny's Pawn Shop?

We have the best selection of firearms, ATVS, electronics, jewelry, musical instruments, tools, and more in the Christiansburg, Virginia, area. Our pawn services are the most reliable and trusted in the area for over two decades. To learn more about our services or about the items we accept or sell, contact us by calling 540-384-4080.